Who doesn’t love a huge bong rip, or a huge on through a beautiful rig?

Bongs are the best way to get those powerful effects you’ve been looking for!

Bongs have been a smoker’s favorite for over 2400 years! A 2013 kurgan excavation in Russia shows the use of golden bongs by tribal chiefs in the Iranian- Eurasian Scyth tribes. The first writing describing bong usage dates all the way back to the late Ming Dynasty (16th century). Whether it’s flower, concentrate, or tobacco, bongs offer a smoother and more gentle hit than a traditional pipe. They do this by filtering and breaking up and cooling smoke through a water percolator before delivering a larger rip.

Dab Rigs or oil rigs, work the same way that a bong does, but focuses on airflow and maximizing flavor. Dabbing involved heating up a nail or a banger to between 315F – 440F, then using a dabber to drop concentrate into the nail/banger. The smoke is then pulled through a water percolator at a constant speed to minimize drag and maximize flavor. has BONGS/RIGS made by the most passionate glass artists across North America! Every piece on our website is one-of-a-kind and made using the highest quality materials.

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